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VAT Services

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VAT have been implemented in UAE with effect from January 01, 2018, an FTA (Federal Tax Authority) have been established for this purpose to manage and control the affairs of all tax-related matters.

Capital Round accounting and auditing have full package for VAT services which includes the

  • Business Registration
  • Maintenance of Business records for compliance
  • VAT Advisory Services
  • VAT Implementation Services
  • VAT Training and post-implementation Support
  • VAT Compliance
  • VAT related issues and regulatory matters
  • Maintenance of VAT Records for 6 Years as per law

Our VAT Services starts AED 500 Per month + VAT or

AED 1,200 + VAT Per VAT Returns

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Business Registration for VAT

ALL business in UAE are required to register their business with Federal Tax Authority online whose

  • Business Turnover or expenses exceeding AED 375,000 or over, the last 12 months or expected to increase in next 30 days as a mandatory registration
  • Business Turnover or expenses exceeding AED 187,500 or over, the last 12 months or expected to increase in next 30 days as a Voluntarily registration
  • Its mandatory for all business to maintain proper books of accounts for 6 years, which can be presented for VAT Audit at any time.

Who can support?

  1. Capital Round is here to help you out in all matters!

Our VAT Registration for Business is AED 1,500 + VAT Only.


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VAT Advisory Services

Capital Round is a professional name for the provision of VAT advisory services which includes the following;

  • Business – Identification and analysis of the VAT impact
  • TRN – Application by online for VAT registration
  • Contractual Agreements – Review and amendment of agreements with suppliers and customers.
  • Chart of Account – Review of chart of account and accounting systems
  • Business Structure – Review of business structure to avoid unnecessary cash outflows on intercompany transactions

VAT Implementation

Capital Round is a famous name in the implementation of the VAT or any direct and indirect taxes, so you don’t need to be worried while dialing our numbers or sending us text messages.

What can Capital Round do?

  • Ensure that proper books and records are being maintained
  • Will make sure that proper codes have been generated for VAT inputs
  • Ensures that Accounts Team understands the VAT input and out functions that when it should be charged or not to be charged
  • Update the VAT Invoice templates as per FTA requirements so all relevant information will be included
  • VAT registration has been applied

VAT Training and post implementation support

Capital Round can do everything for your peace of mind and the satisfaction of your business needs.

What can Capital Round do for you?

  • VAT training for your staff
  • VAT awareness sessions to update their knowledge
  • Post implementation support to handle all issues arising
  • Complete stage by stage guidance on the project implementation

VAT Compliance

Capital Round professional and experienced team will advise your business on the application of VAT rules like Zero rated, exempt supplies and chargeable supplies.


  • On import and export-related matters arising due to VAT
  • GCC and non GCC transactions
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Assistance in claiming the VAT refunds
  • Guidance on adjustments of Sales returns, issuance of Credit notes and Bad debts
  • Guidance on Intercompany transactions
  • Name of Company in English and Arabic
  • Name of Business Owners in English and Arabic
  • Trade License
  • Authorized Signatory / Power of Attorney / Manager of Business
  • Certificate of incorporation, if applicable
  • Articles of Association/ Memorandum of association / Partnership agreement or any documents showing ownership information about the business
  • Copy of Passport / Emirates ID of all the partners and sponsor
  • Business address of the office
  • Contact information
    1. Contact person name, Mobile number of authorized signatory and managers
    2. Office telephone number, fax number, and email id
    3. Bank Account Details
      1. Bank Name
      2. IBAN
  • Branch Name
  1. Swift code
  • Information about other businesses of Directors and Partners in UAE in the last 5 years
  • Declaration
    1. Business activities of the applicant
    2. Business turnover for last 12 months
    3. Expected turnover for next 30 days
    4. Details of
      1. Exempt supplies
      2. Zero-rated supplies

Contact the VAT Registration Team,

Jon Visto  05-666-50-999   or