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VAT Implementation

Capital Round is a famous name in the implementation of the VAT or any direct and indirect taxes, so you don’t need to be worried while dialing our numbers or sending us text messages.

What can Capital Round do?

  • Ensure that proper books and records are being maintained
  • Will make sure that proper codes have been generated for VAT inputs
  • Ensures that Accounts Team understands the VAT input and out functions that when it should be charged or not to be charged
  • Update the VAT Invoice templates as per FTA requirements so all relevant information will be included
  • VAT registration has been applied

Internal Audit of VAT Records!

  • Our Professional Experts will do the internal audit of your VAT Records to make sure;
    • Proper books of accounts have been maintained
    • Tax Invoices are fully compliant of VAT Laws
    • Purchase Invoices are fully compliant of VAT Laws
    • Tax Claimable expenses are fully compliant
    • Tax Records are being maintained for 6 years, to void any penalties.

Discuss with VAT Consultants, Happi Lag, now?


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