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Audit (External and Internal)

We have a team of qualified Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants to provide an efficient and independent report on the financial position of the company for their shareholders, management to understand their profitability and financial affairs of their business.

The Audit report will provide you the insights in the business, the areas require attention of the management and KPI’s for enhancing the performance of the company.  Our dedicated team is a mix of multi nationalities having experience in different countries from Asia, Europe, and UK.

Our Audit Services include

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit and Performance management
  • Internal control systems
  • Pre Audit
Accounting and Book Keeping

We have an experienced team of Chartered Management Accountants who will advise you on booking each entry in a proper head of accounts in order to reflect the exact cost accounting records for fixing of prices, knowing your margin and absorption of fixed costs.  The management reports will help your business for taking strategic decisions, an addition of new products, strengthening of existing products and curtailing of products which are not adding value to your business.

Our Accounting Services include;

  • Setting of Chart of Account
  • Defining of cost centers and financial centers
  • Proper narration of entries, booking in proper head of accounts
  • Management reports on monthly, quarterly basis for knowing the position of business
  • Cash flows and budgets
  • Financial analysis, customer analysis
  • Product costs and fixing of sales prices
  • Supervision and review of financial records
Incorporation and Liquidation Services

The dedicated team of professional will provide assistance on setting up of business across the world particularly in United Arab Emirates on mainland or free zone in a short period of time.  We provide full support on selection of business location, setting of company documents, sponsors, setting up of accounting systems, distribution systems, MIS etc.

The expert team will assist you on full compliance of regulatory requirement of liquidating the company, the audit reports on prescribed formats, help to settle the liabilities and proper arrangement for collection of monies due from customers.

Our Services includes;

  • Business registration and regulatory approvals
  • Sponsorship agreements and support
  • Setting up of chart of accounts and start team of management
  • Audit reports on prescribe formats for compliance
  • Liquidation reports and completion of closure process
  • Complete peace of mind
Advisory and Assurance Services

Our professional and experienced team will provide you assurance;

  • Identification and analysis of IFRS adoption and VAT impact on your business
  • Accounts receivable functions understands when output VAT should be charged and should not be charges
  • Procurement and payables teams understand the impact of Input VAT and booking in the relevant head.
  • Proper books of accounts and records are maintained in an appropriate manner
  • Input VAT paid is recovered
  • Updating of invoices templates to ensure that all relevant information for VAT invoices are included
  • Review and updating the business contracts with customers and suppliers
  • Making sure that business is structured in a manner to avoid unnecessary cash outflows
CFO Services

Our professionals Chartered Management Accounts can better manage your business as they are well educated, experienced in different sectors of business so you will be able to reduce your financial risk, regulatory compliance.  Good and sound internal control to add value to your business and increase the confidence of your shareholders.

We can provide the complete financial outsourcing of CFO services like

  • Cash flow and working capital management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Product costing and departmental alignment.
  • Effective utilization of resources and reduction of unwanted costs
  • Employee training and increasing their confidence in team management
  • Updating of their knowledge about current business and future growth plans.
Outsourcing Services

If you are interested to reduce the costs of your business and wanted to keep professional accounting systems or want to supervise your business with result oriented internal control and internal audit, or want to avoid tensions of huge payroll systems so you are in right hands, what we can do is;

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Internal audit and supervisory control
  • Fixed Assets management
  • Temporary management for start-up or run a regional office
  • Point of sale cashiers, accountants, timekeepers etc
  • Forensic accounting and financial investigation services
Payroll and Supervisory services

If you are running a huge concern or running different site office and wanted to handle all of your staff needs in a professional and timely oriented manner, we a computerized and camera controlled environment for all of your needs.  What we can do is;

  • Timekeeping and HR records of all employees
  • Management of HR related activities
  • Timekeeping and payroll management
  • Distribution of staff salaries on site and transferring to their bank accounts
  • Selection and hiring of right candidates for right position
  • Completion of their labor and residency requirements